BFK Warzone Going Live on Friday 21, January 2022
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Warzone Marketplace Beta Live
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 BFK Warzone Song

Project Highlights


Buy, sell, and upgrade your NFTs


5% BUY


NFTs function as playable characters


Integrated Test Contract Release and Blacklisting


P2E 2D shooter coming to iOS, Android, and Windows

About - Battle Fort Knox - BFK Warzone


Battle Fort Knox is now rebranded as a gaming focused ecosystem. We have heard our community loud and clear and we are proud to deliver a purely gaming specific brand. We have shed the features that have been slowing us down, and we are doubling down on the features that made us great. No more tokenomics that hurt the chart, and no more identity crisis! We are Battle Fort Knox and we are presenting BFK Warzone, the ultimate P2E 2D shooter that user's can play and earn $BFK. Load up soldier, the war rages on...

Past and Present

$BFK was once Baby Fort Knox, but now the baby is fully grown, and known as Battle Fort Knox. We have finished our teething stage and we know which shoes fit us best. We have shed the tokenomics that were keeping investors away, and focusing on what we do best. The BFK team is now strictly focused on presenting a gaming ecosystem in which users can easily trade, buy, sell, play, and upgrade NFTs under simple conditions. We have also heard the community and will be delivering some prizes to a certain special group of users who hold a limited edition BFK NFT.


BFK believes decentralized NFT use case scenarios will be the future of the NFT industry. Our mission, as always, is to push the limits of use case NFTs and design a marketplace in which the users have total control in earning cryptocurrency in an entertaining manner. Due to the economical gas fees, BSC tokens can be the groundbreaking space for the NFT industry, and NFTs can be so much more than JPEGs; BFK aims to prove this.


AWe are proud to be onboarded with Certik for an audit, and for their Skynet active monitoring to keep the BFK Warzone ecosystem safe. You can find this here.



5% Buy

5% Sell

Community is very important to the $BFK team, as such community feedback has been integral to the decision making process.

We are happy to announce that upon relaunch, $BFK will have a simple and focused tokenomics system without any complex features such as buyback and rewards. This will allow the chart to grow in a healthy and focused manner without the contract sales as in V1. We are presenting a simple 5% tax on all transactions; this will enable us to continue developments and marketing without taking away from financial support of our community.

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Road Map

Phase 1
  • Contract Creation and Testnet
  • Website Creation
  • Socials Creation
  • Whitelist Contest
  • Audit Obtained
  • Memes and Stickers
  • Promotional/Logo Reveal Videos
  • Battle Fort Knox Dashboard
  • Icon updates - Trustwallet, BSCscan, Dextools
  • PCS Listing
  • BFK Minigame
  • Animated NFT Sample
Phase 3
  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Listing on Major CEX
  • 25k+ Holders
  • Big “Public Space” Marketing
  • Big Giveaway @ 100M MC - limited edition playable NFT
  • NFT / NFT Marketplace Creation
  • Battle Fort Knox merchandise and prizes!
  • Battle Fort Knox Staking
  • BFK Demo/Trailer Release
  • Entire NFT Drop Animated Release
Phase 2
  • Listing on top 15 Cointrackers
  • Partnership Explorations
  • Listing on CoinGecko
  • 5000+ Holders
  • Expand Alternate Language Communities
  • Trending Strategies Implemented
  • First Vote to Donate to Charities
  • Weekly AMAs With Community - On Demand
  • Weekly Competitions
  • Impressive Manual Buyback
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Big Marketing Push (i.e BTOK Ads)
  • First NFT Character Drop (static)
Phase 4
  • NFT Interactive Battle Game 1V1
  • First Multiplayer Event
  • Android, iOS, and Windows Release
  • Market Cap Stable Above 100 million
  • 50k+ Holders
  • Create Your Own NFT via Marketplace
  • More to come stay tuned!


NFT's Collection

Here are first NFT playable characters collection! These will be the first drop for playable characters in our interactive game!

Marketplace NFT Card Display Animations

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new tokenomics?

We are creating simple and focused tokenomics. Upon relaunch, we will have five percent on buys and sells alike and this will remain static throughout the project. No more complex features where you need an entire dashboard to keep track. Simple and focused is our strategy, you can find the breakdown below.

1.5% Game Development
1.5% Marketing
1% LP
1% Game Prizes

What are your marketing plans?

We have a very experienced marketing crew with extensive contacts throughout the space. As we have proven already, we have been very quick to provide maximum exposure and effective marketing for the token as well as the ecosystem. We will be applying the same foundational approach, along with gaming specific outreach for our relaunch marketing strategy. We will focus on the gaming ecosystem and infiltrate the associated global markets in which this industry is most popular.

How can I purchase $BFK tokens?

You can purchase $BFK tokens through Pancakeswap.

What are your plans for the interactive NFT game?

$BFK is a specialized gaming ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain which will be powered by our native token, and used as the currency for our P2E shooter and NFT Marketplace.

BFK Warzone will have an interactive marketplace where our NFTs will feature as in-game characters called 'Fortis' that can be used to earn tokens in multiple game modes. These soldiers range from navy seals, paratroopers, snipers, medics, machine gunners, and special forces. You can challenge your gaming buddies to 1v1 or join forces to take down bosses in dungeon style gameplay.

The more you play and level up your Forti, the stronger and more valuable it becomes. Users can sell their old weapons and gear they are no longer using on our 'black market' for BFK tokens.

Gear up soldiers, it’s time to hold the fort!

$BFK represents an NFT and gaming focused ecosystem in which our native token is used to fuel our NFT Marketplace and the 2D shooter.

Contract Address:
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Battle Fort Knox - BFK is a complete gaming ecosystem with our native token $BFK, our NFT Marketplace, and our P2E 2D shooter coming to iOS, Android, and Windows.


Armis is a legendary Supreme Rare Sniper, Following the Marine Corps Army unit, Armis will start at the level of Sergeant Major and will be upgradable, Armis can Hold the 50 CAL Sniper or the AWM 338, both of which will land heavy damage over his enemies, Armis also has a special Auto Double Shot ability that will allow him to fire 2 Rounds Consecutively causing massive damage on impact, Armis will be available for Early Access and will be locked afterwards following our minting rarity engine that will release and mint new NFT's for this legendary Sniper, get ready to get your hands on it if you’re the sniper guy. keep in mind that Amis is one of the most powerful sniper units that will be ever minted in the game.

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